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Gails Bakery

Newman Gauge are proud to partner with Gail’s Bakery to deliver individually crafted bakeries in and around London.
Each development is unique, building styles vary and each neighbourhood has notable points of local interest that the team at Gails are keen to embrace and share with their customers.

The Bakery and their products are at the heart of every space we create, followed closely by wellness and ethical sourcing of materials.

Gails Bakery openly embrace reuse, recycle and refurbish when it comes to developing interior design. Their strong environmental focus is apparent within the brand and flows through all aspects of their business.

Where possible Gail’s Bakeries do include small seating areas tailored to welcome a wide range of customers to relax and dwell.

Comfort is key and whilst dwell times in the café are relatively short, seating layout and lighting is carefully considered to make customers feel welcome at any time of the day.