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Holy Moly Macaroni

Grand Central & Harborne, Birmingham
The first Macaroni Cheese fast / casual dining restaurant in Birmingham’s Grand Central heralds New York’s Harlem as the inspiration behind this comfort food experience. The second site is in the centre of Harborne, within a listed landmark school hall. The bold personality of the environment rebels against the former establishment.

This urban concept, attracts commuters, shoppers and tourists of all ages to dwell on tenement steps, under a raft of neon signs, traffic lights and encircled by graffiti art.

The success of Holy Moly is undoubtedly a combination of the fantastic food offer and the confidence the brand conveys.

This new concept has a very clear and unique selling point and wants to be recognised for Bringing Back Proper Mac’.

Holy Moly is a medium sized restaurant in a large food court. This venue has a lot of competition, therefore it needs to be noticed.

Newman Gauge developed a strategy that broke away from the traditional fascia sign and implanted the signage at eye level to instantly gain recognition from direct footfall and also from the opposite side of the vast shopping centre where we recognised an opportunity with the sightlines which were too great to be disregarded. The result is a fascia which is unmissable and the accessible entrance and enticing interior is successfully drawing the custom across the threshold.