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West Midland Safari Park

Safari Lodges, Bewdley
These unique lodges are located within the animal enclosures at West Midlands Safari Park and offer guests an intimate, up close experience with wild and exotic animals.
Waking up alongside a crash of Rhinos; bathing under the watchful eye of a streak of tigers, or, star gazing with a tower of giraffes. Each environment has been designed to maximise the experience from these exclusive encounters.

Each Lodge has been carefully crafted to capture the personality of the creatures and the environment where they originate.

Working with local craftsmen in both the UK and Africa each lodge exudes comfort and character. The natural finishes and detail within the original artwork, furniture, and light fittings enhance the value of this experience.

Tailored to have mass appeal to both families and adult-only breaks, each lodge is adaptable to suit all guests.

Each lodge includes unique games and music which are sourced from the country where this animal enclosure influences. Gastro picnic hampers for breakfast and dinner all add to the ‘on safari’ experience

Hidden reading nooks double up as a play den or extra sleeping space within the Rhino Lodges.

Storm lanterns, stone basins, hooks and handles all help to enhance the character of the shower rooms in the eaves of the Rhino Lodges.

The first floor open plan living space with extended balconies was key to maintaining eye contact with the giraffes.

Simple window seats allow for the restful watching of giraffes in the master bedroom.

Relaxing in the secluded lodge hot tub and watching tigers whilst the sun sets is truly an unrivaled holiday experience.

Sumatran-influenced accommodation enhances the entire Tiger Lodge experience