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ALDI Demonstration Kitchen

Head Office, Atherstone
Newman Gauge are honoured to have been invited to create an environment worthy of showcasing Aldi’s reputable provenance and products at their Head Office in Atherstone.

Three key values were at the heart of this retailers design brief; Simple, Reliable and Responsible. Newman Gauge worked closely with the Directors to develop these principles into visual, atmospheric and operational signifiers.

The space was designated to have multiple uses; a showroom for in-person reviews, a TV studio for broadcast and online promotions, a training kitchen and a sampling suite.

Newman Gauge zoned the footprint to create three specific areas, the training kitchen with multiple workstations, the dining area for sampling products and the demonstration kitchen for showcasing their merchandise.

Natural and reliably sourced finishes were predominantly specified and domestic kitchen equipment used throughout. Lighting was key to creating atmosphere, this was developed with the project Architect to maximise daylight where possible and with the broadcasting teams to provide flexibility for artificial studio lighting where necessary.