Alvaston Hall

Warner Leisure Hotels, Nantwich Cheshire

Newman Gauges creative solution to design a multi-purpose venue was been heralded as a “complete triumph” by Managing Director of Warner Leisure Hotels.

Richard Bates, Former Managing Director Warner Leisure Hotels

This exciting facility provides the ability offer a bright Breakfast Room, daytime Activity Lounge, Evening Restaurant and lively Cabaret Venue all in one space. Each stage in the transformation achieves an environment appropriate for the purpose.

This creative solution offers over five hundred guests intimate dining spaces that enjoy great views of the stage. The scheme successfully overcomes the operational challenge to ensure the staff can service the tables without interrupting the entertainment.

The venue’s design had to be sensitively styled to complement the existing Stately Home estate, yet create a sense of modernity with contemporary details.

"The dining and cabaret venue at Alvaston Hall is a complete triumph! Combining the Restaurant and Cabaret venues together as one is a real crowd pleaser for our hotel guests and a real talking point."

Richard Bates, Former Managing Director Warner Leisure Hotels

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