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Despite being a much loved music venue in Leicester for over 20 years, The Shed was in desperate need of an update. The opportunity for this arose when Dreaming in Colour Productions, owned by Elisabeth Barker Carley took over management and invited Newman Gauge to transform the space from its previously rundown and unloved look into a venue that was cool and young yet still embraced the underground and edgy vibes that made The Shed popular.


Desired grunge vibes and shed illusions were accomplished by up-cycling items such as turning band equipment into lighting and by incorporating materials relating to these themes such as corrugated tin roof, watering cans and troughs and chipboard walls. Flaws in the building such as holes in the walls were remedied by covering with band posters and atmospheric neon lights and a local graffiti artist was brought in to revive the walls with distinctive murals.


The original layout was adjusted and previously unused outdoor space was repurposed into a semi-enclosed area where customers can chill and catch up with friends. The two stages were updated with lights and smoke machines built in and LED screens were installed, bringing the experience of watching artists at The Shed to a new level and allowing for movie and video game nights. The design also allowed for a seamless transition from The Shed being a cool coffee shop hangout in the day to the hottest and edgiest music venue around at night.


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Images courtesy of The Shed Facebook