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We were recently tasked with modernizing the Holly Bush Inn in Wolverhampton and making it both more family friendly and more appealing for customers who wished to visit without children. The design intended to be a departure from traditional pub décor with bright colours, patterns and a range of textiles being included. The main goal of the refurbishment was to make the Holly Bush the place for families to go out to eat as opposed to choosing family oriented restaurant chains.


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The existing fixtures were replaced with more up to date ones, a pizzeria area was also added and the seating was rearranged to separate the family dining area. The walls were updated with unique tiling and other interesting wall coverings and statement décor pieces were installed such as grass cut out letters and neon signs. The chairs were exchanged with colourful mismatched ones to give a relaxed feel and neutral colours were added to the walls and flooring to enhance the colour accents.


A major feature of the refurbishment was the use of technology, which was installed in special seating booths. The booths featured interactive buttons, which changed the lighting colour around the booth and also included TVs and waitress call features; allowing the booths to become an individual little environment for customers. The use of this technology creates a more child-friendly pub and makes the dining experience more exciting, interesting and interactive, giving the Holly Bush an edge over competitors.


Having now re-opened, the refreshed décor and exciting new technology has so far been very well received by customers!


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