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Can you remember the best holiday you ever had as a child? We bet it’s the little things that stick in your mind the most and that’s what Newman Gauge pride ourselves on – paying attention to the little things!


Billy Butlin always believed in getting the details right, whether it was choosing what flowers to plant or who to have in his shows. He knew it’s the little things that make the difference between an OK break and a holiday you’ll remember all your life. Working with Butlins and their ethos was key to redesigning The Shoreline.


The £2.4 million pound refit and redesign at Butlins’ Bognor Regis Shoreline Hotel  is packed full of surprising, thoughtful and just plain unforgettable touches. We took our inspiration from the sea. We didn’t have far to look, after all. The beach is right there.


We wanted to make coming back to the hotel feel a bit like stepping on board a ship. So we’ve got walk-the-plank designs in the lifts and all the corridor carpets are decorated with boards and rigging and pools of fish.


You know as well as we do that when your children are happy, everyone in the family can relax. So all these little details aren’t just for fun. They actually make your life easier. Bedtime becomes something they’ll look forward to, the enjoyable end to an exciting day.


Our experience with Butlins over the past decade has seen the guest profile grow and flourish. We recognise in this environment Mum is the key decision maker regarding the choice for a family holiday. “My theory is very simple, if the kids are happy the parents are happy, this philosophy actually encourages the grown ups to stop being so ‘boring’ and the family unit starts to play together. We all love a fancy get away and an excuse to dress up, but with a little encouragement to hop, skip and jump along a pathway, and the cues that this behaviour is OK we can easily bring out the inner child in Mum’s Dad’s, Granny’s and Grandad’s.”


This light hearted approach to design sounds great fun, but we really have to make the environment work. The space needs to be easy to use (Particularly for Mum) consideration needs to be given to navigating pushchairs and slow moving toddlers, providing food warming areas, high chair stores and of course toilet seats and nappy disposal.