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Treats, an exciting new sweet shop for Center Parcs Sherwood is more than just a candy store with jars of bon bons and rows of chocolates bars. and we have created a gobstopper of a sweet shop literally turning every adult into a kid in a sweet shop.


Inspired by Center Parcs’ National Forest location, we created a magical, fantasy woodland experience with flying sherbet saucers, low level glowing magical toadstools sprouting lollies and a huge lifelike tree adorned with oversized candies diffusing the ceiling lights creating a stain glass window effect.


Sam Stokoe, Director and Design Lead at Newman Gauge says: “We wanted to create a retail space with the wow factor and for guests to walk by and say let’s go and see what’s in there and encourage their friends and family to follow.


“Unlike other Center Parcs’ villages, Treats is located with an entrance outside, therefore the design had to be bold and exciting to encourage guests to cross the threshold and venture inside.  We created big windows and glass doors with strong lighting to accentuate what was going on inside including fudge making and colourful candy filled walls.


“Working closely with Center Parcs we believe we have created one of the most exciting retail stores in the UK and not only are we proud of the appealing, unique design but the intelligent detailing which encourages footfall and spend.”


Paul Kent, Center Parcs UK Operations and Development Director adds: ““We are delighted that our new Treats store has just opened and our guests are loving it! When designing our shops, the experience is just as important as the products and with a great Treats team, freshly made fudge and a wide selection of other sweets and chocolate, everyone can feel like a child in a sweet shop.”