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For the first in our series of “Design in Progress” update posts, we bring to you our work with Latin American cocktail and restaurant chain Las Iguanas!

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Las Iguanas contacted us with a proposed six locations to renovate, with five being current locations and the sixth being a brand new space at a Center Parcs Resort.


The first of the locations to be designed was at Center Parcs’ Woburn location. Being the only location that was not previously a Las Iguanas, this project required some extra creativity to turn the space from its existing bland café design to the desired bright and fun Latin style that Las Iguanas is known for.


To accomplish this, vibrant coloured murals, furniture and décor items were added to give a cool Latin party vibe and walls of greenery and corrugated iron as well as neon signs, classic features at Las Iguanas, were added. Much of the existing furniture and fixtures, such as booths and lighting, were kept but drastically updated and an extension was added to expand the space.


Being in a family resort, an exciting kids play area featuring mascots Iggy Iguana and Friends was also installed to ensure that everyone enjoys the awesome new location!


With one of six now completed, we are busy at work on the rest of the projects so make sure to check back to the blog and our social media accounts for plans and updates. Next up is the refurbishment of Las Iguanas Milton Keynes.

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