We share our insights on what makes a bar or hotel popular, what furnishings are in trend and more importantly how clever design maximises space, increases service offering and more importantly how to drive a return on investment.

The Hotel Design team at Newman Gauge are used to being faced with Clients who have huge amounts of enthusiasm and less than huge budgets. Having limited funds should not restrict creativity we just have to ensure that the budget is spent wisely to maximise effectiveness.

A great example of creating a big impact with a limited budget is the hotel design we did for The holiday Inn at Stonehenge. This hotel had been very well maintained, however the accommodation was slightly outdated and the Client wanted a refurbishment with a Wow factor.


We developed a scheme which retained all joinery along with fixtures such as mirrors and lighting. Carpets, curtains were replaced cost effectively and plasterwork repainted. Our solution was to create bespoke artwork which was reproduced at a large scale on digitally printed wall paper to fill the entire headboard wall to achieve the requisite wow factor within the limited budget.

Hotel Design Top Ten Tips to Create a Successful Environment on a Limited Budget:


  • Understand the customers, ask what they think, they will not see the little issues that operators concern themselves with, they have a much broader view of the business and will appreciate being asked.
  • Start with services. Changes to water, waste, power and data can all be costly, if you can retain the location of services it will give you more money to spend on visual elements your customers will appreciate.
  • Look at the positives, more often than not a huge proportion of the furniture, fittings and finishes are more than acceptable and bold simple changes give the perception that the whole space has been completely refurbished.
  • Spend money where it will be appreciated. We review the eye level and the sight lines. If the target customer is children or seated adults the focal points should be lower than in Reception areas where people will mainly stand.
  • It is only human to be comforted by protective surroundings, high back chairs, columns, and screens all help provide perceived protection. Restaurants, Retail and Workspaces all benefit from small pockets to traverse through and dwell within.
  • Do not try to please everyone – you never will and in an attempt to create Mass Market Appeal you will create a bland and relatively dull environment. Be brave about the content of installations, the features help to create an identity and a unique personality to your surroundings.
  • Form an emotional association. Give people something which makes them smile, humour and nostalgia come in many forms and once you have established this connection with your customer they have something to remember and share with others.
  • Lighting should be reviewed simple changes in the colour temperature of light fittings can transform an environment simply and direct attention to the key features.
  • Promotions, Directions and Instructions should form part of the concept solution. All messages should be communicated with a positive attitude and should be a considered as part of the design to achieve a holistic approach to the environment.
  • Create a Hero. Allow for a noticeable feature to dominate the environment, this should be visible on entering the space. It is easy to allow the budget to be consumed with lots of little things lampshades, carpets, bed linen and curtains all of which customers expect but do not necessarily appreciate.


If you’re looking to renovate a hotel, and need a budget busting, wow factor hotel design then get in touch and we can talk more.